Why Does your Business Need Workers Comp Insurance?

Accidents occur anywhere and at unexpected times, in most cases the consequences of medical nature being more severe than you could imagine. Insurers offer workers comp policies to any business that has employees to meet their specific protective needs.

What do you need to know about workers comp insurance?

Workers comp insurance policy offers employees permanent protection while carrying out their professional activities, wherever they are, against the different consequences of accidents that may occur.

The beneficiaries of this type of insurance are entitled to the following services:

  • emergency medical assistance on the accident site, in specialized means of transportation and in hospital units
  • outpatient medical treatment, medical analysis and medication, prescribed by the doctor
  • medical services in hospitals or health units with specialized legal personality
  • treatment destined to recover a person`s work capacity, in specialized units
  • surgery
  • medical investigations and laboratory analyzes

workers comp insurance

Through workers comp insurance, the insurer pays the value of the medical services provided until:

  • restoring the health or ameliorating the health deficiencies arising from an insured risk
  • preventing the diminution or loss of work capacity and the need for permanent care

Workers comp also include services for vocational rehabilitation and reconversion for employees who, although they have not completely lost their ability to work, can no longer carry out the activity for which they have been qualified, as a result of an accident at work or an occupational disease.


Compensation in case of death

In the case of the death of the employee, as a result of a work accident, one person benefits from compensation: the surviving spouse, the child, the parent or the legal guardian, who has borne the expenses caused by the death.

Compensation is also granted in the following situations:

  • emergency transportation, in cases when rescuing the victim requires the use of special transportation means
  • the injured employee needs new glasses, hearing aids, eye prostheses, if they have been damaged as a result of a work accident
  • implantation of medical devices through surgical intervention, in order to recover the organic, functional or physical deficiencies caused by work accidents and occupational diseases

What you risk if you do not purchase workers comp for your business

Each business has to meet the legal requirements for protecting its employees in the event of work accidents. These requirements are different in each state, so you must acquaint yourself with the law, otherwise you risk paying the money from your own pocket, which can seriously affect your budget and your reputation.

Without workers comp insurance, you also risk lawsuits against your business, filed by your injured employees or their families, as well as other penalties for failing to comply with the legal requirements.

Keep in mind that workers comp insurance is not optional, if your business has employees who are not owners. Not only it helps you protect them in the event of accidents and occupational diseases, but it also represents a way to protect your own business and yourself from being accused of negligence.